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Product category

Decorative ceramics
Horse - photo frame, jevel box,for visiting-card
Candlestick - aromalamp
Ceramic magnet
Wood - metallic racks
Horoscope - glass
Comical desk
Jewel-box - money box
Coffee grinders and pepper-millsl
Kitchen utensils
Decorative pillows


Business conditions

Price list

After sending us your trade licence you will be sent delivery terms.

How to order

  • over the phone during working hours (also non-stop ordering over the answering machine) / non-stop by fax, the fax number is 573 332 222.
  • email address tifa@tifa.cz.

Detailed delivery terms

  • Retail delivery is accomplished only after making a written or phone order.
  • Goods is wholly owned by our company until the final payment is done.
  • We reserve the right to postpone the delivery date under unexpected circumstances
  • Ordered goods is delivered by company cars at regular intervals of 3-4 weeks or it is delivered by one of our business associates.

This website demonstration comprises only limited supply of products. As for new business associates we recommend you to visit our warehouse in Kroměříž. In case you také interest in our goods but do not have the opportunity to visit us we suggest you to order a "package". We make a "package" of various products. You delimit the value of your "package". If you do not manage to sell the "package" in 2 months we will give you a new one or buy the old one from you.

Guarantee terms

According to the valid regulation.


  1. Please do not ask for a long-term reservation.
  2. The photographs presented on this website are in possession of TIFA Ldt. Any kind of misuse is punishable.
  3. Exceptionally we send cash on deliver.( 90 Crowns is added to the total).
  4. We do not mail fragile stuff.